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5 Benefits of Performing Machine Maintenance

by Louise W. Rice

For many organizations, different kinds of machines used are important components of business operations. For instance, manufacturing companies’ centrifuges, mixers, conveyor belts, and shredders play an important role in creating finished products from different raw materials.

Because of that, organizations should ascertain that their machines run reliably, efficiently, and smoothly. In order to achieve this, there is a need for machine tool maintenance, which basically guarantees the following benefits:

1. Minimize Fatalities and Injuries

Industries like the construction sector are at the top of the US. Bureau of Labor’s List of injuries on the job. About 19% of fatal accidents in the construction sector occur because of contact with equipment and objects. If your machines are not serviced well, there could be a chance that they are not working well.

And if they are not working well, it means there is an increased risk of workplace death or injuries due to equipment failure. Irrespective of how many safety lessons you take, you won’t have full control over the machine’s failure. Of course, there will be unexpected breakdowns. Though you may reduce them through MRO and by being proactive about machine maintenance.

2. Reduce Expenses

When it comes to the production environment, problems with a machine, which go undetected and unhandled, can lead to flawed products. And the results of the output could be products or components which should be scrapped and don’t meet specifications.

If your machines go undetected for weeks or several days, you, as a manufacturer, could end up with a significant amount of materials or inventory that can’t be sold. This will definitely create a domino effect when flawed outputs are a necessary part when assembling other products.

Other than lost productivity, machine operators liable for the machine will need to stay for hours to work. That means employers will pay extra wages for that time too.

Basically, this doesn’t just show the costly outcome of not following maintenance procedures. It also portrays the need to maintain a written document so as to support a warranty claim. In general, those expensive capital costs are encouraged to make an effort required to protect such investments.

3. Lower the Risks of Breakdowns

A decreased breakdown risk is one of machine maintenance’s key benefits. Only around 13% or less of machines ever wear out truly from proper use.

This means the remaining percentage of mechanical failures result from preventable issues that machine maintenance can avoid.

By scheduling machine maintenance proactively, you will be able to reduce the risks of a machine failure. As a facility manager or leader, your mind will be at peace knowing that the risks of machine failure are reduced.

4. Early Detection of the Malfunction Symptoms

Thoroughly observing and disassembling facility installations and equipment is among the basic measures for machine maintenance. Although it is a great way to polish and clean a machine inside out, it as well helps to reveal obscure faults, which may go undetected through surface diagnosis.

Production lines may especially benefit from machine maintenance since they are vulnerable to causing downtime in excess.

5. Improve Operations

Maintaining your machines well means that they are not likely to break down easily. This results in increased time, fewer repair expenses, increased revenue, and more working hours for machines.

Well-maintained machines run more effectively. This applies to nearly every kind of machine, including industrial equipment, machine tool, automobile, and hand-tool, just to name a few.

Improved efficiency and increased up-time can, in turn, translate to more operation hours and effective manufacturing operations when working. Technically, this makes a great difference to a business’s bottom line.

The Bottom Line!

Machine maintenance is needed for most industrial machines and tools to ascertain that they operate to the maximum. This kind of maintenance may include adjusting, lubricating, and cleaning parts of a machine to keep them running smoothly.

So offering preventive maintenance to your machines on time will definitely help to make repairs faster to fix and minimize breakdowns.

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