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A Cost-Effecitve And Environmentally Friendly Way Of Shipping Your Luggage

by Louise W. Rice

Over the last couple of years, travel has had its challenges. Many had to relocate or travel long distances in recent years. With the economic challenges many now face, everyone is seeking cost-effective ways of traveling whilst remaining environmentally conscious of the global warming impact we all face. Shipping your luggage without traveling with it might be the answer.

Many countries globally have had to adapt since the pandemic. The logistics industry has had to cope with more shipments than ever before. It’s estimated the number of parcels has tripled since 2011, and then in 2020, the estimated amount of parcels shipped surpassed 130+ billion in a calendar year. Such an increase has caused difficulties in some cases with paperwork and long custom control checks.

Shipping Unusual Items

Another area many aren’t aware of. Is irregular shaped items like golf bags or ski equipment are charged a premium. Mainly the space taken up can create more difficulties in shipping cargo. It’s not all bad news, though; the sharp incline in demand has increased courier services, and with consumer behavior becoming more demanding, there is more free space in shipments, especially internationally.

In a recent press release, the founder of the business AiroLuggage, John Catterson, reported saying their business had seen a lot of their business increase around the more unusual shaped items for shipping as well as your usual luggage shipments.

He continued that most general consumers didn’t know that as soon as a package is in an unusual shape, they pay a premium for that and can change the storage space within the shipment. This allows for the opportunity for a business like AiroLuggage to optimize the spare space.

Advancements in Customer Service

The company has been built on forming relationships with major logistical companies around the world. Purchasing their excess space and giving these discounted rates back to the consumer. With an extremely competitive price point, AiroLuggage has enhanced its reputation by offering a seamless customer experience providing a real-time tracking experience and 24-hour customer support.

In the same press release, John shared that they have positioned themselves to have discounted shipping space and are heavily focused on improving the customer experience. With WhatsApp integration, a 24-hour customer service phone line, and a real tracking platform to monitor the progress of shipments.

It’s all about living with the times. As consumer habits want more visibility, they are demanding logistic services to give more transparency in the shipment process. A recent ITC survey highlighted that 93% of consumers internally won’t purchase an item without knowing the bottom line. This includes import tax, shipping costs, and other vat involved in the shipping process.

How AiroLuggage Works?

Knowing this and adding the impact of offering shipments at a lower price, it’s no surprise that AiroLuggage is making waves in the logistics industry. The founders we avid travelers, and making smart financial moves while traveling is the cornerstone of a seasoned jet setter.

You may ask if this is set up anyways differently from a usual courier set-up. Overall it isn’t, but there are some necessary steps along the way. For example, once you go onto the AirLuggage.com website, you are shown the get a quote area. This, unlike some online couriers, can help identify the best prices if you know the size and weight of the luggage. They come to your door to pick up the luggage for transportation.

Secondly, once you have agreed to shipment, you will be provided security wallets for the printed labels you must provide with the luggage. Obviously, the next part of the process is the tracking, real-time geo-tracking of the luggage, and notifications of its progress. Lastly, collection, whereby someone will deliver to your identified location, makes the whole process as seamless as it sounds. The idea of such a relaxing process is intentional and a huge USP for the business. They want travel to be stress-free, so if you are going through an airport in the process, there are no worries or unexpected charges at check-in desks.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Undeniably something we have yet to cover is the huge environmental benefits this process can help. Especially if the customer is traveling in person to the same destination. There are 10s of millions spent every year in aviation looking to reduce weight on commercial flights. This is to reduce fuel costs and emissions. The structure of how AiroLuggage acquires its space is, of course, (using up excess space on shipping flights) good for the environment. However, it’s the reduction of weight on commercial flights that could have a dramatic impact on the planet, if this trend continues.

When asked about their climate impact and the industry at large. John proudly remarks that their business is helping solve a small part of the issue. He highlighted the importance the industry has on carbon emissions, and that it will continue to plug holes if needed. At the same time, rewarding travelers with discounts not encouraging consumers to spend more to offset their carbon footprint.

If you enjoyed learning about AiroLuggage click the URL to learn more about their service.

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