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8 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Garden Party

by Louise W. Rice

As the flowers bloom and spring turns to summer, you may want to get your family and friends together for a garden party. Back in the day, these parties used to be for the elite, giving them an excuse to dress up and dine in someone’s fancy garden.

Now, anyone can host one, and it doesn’t have to be anything elegant. In fact, you can simply barbeque some food and play games outside while you enjoy the company of your loved ones. So continue reading to discover eight tips for hosting a memorable garden party and basic guidelines you can customize.

1. Decorations

Decorations are not necessary for modern garden parties, but they can set a theme that makes yours memorable. A good tip for choosing decor is to pick things that match the colors of your garden. For example, if you have more tropical flowers, you could go with a tiki theme, incorporating bright colors that make your plants stand out.

2. Freshen Your Flowerbeds

People will take the time to admire your plants if you’re hosting a garden party. Therefore, you should give your flowers a fresh watering the night before. Then, ensure that the soil and mulch you have near the base of your plants look new as well. Finally, prune any dead limbs and mow the lawn. These simple things will leave your garden ready for showcasing.

3. Games and Activities

A necessary part of hosting a garden party is providing fun games and activities for your guests. If you want to have a classic party, croquet is a timeless game that will entertain and spark friendly competition. However, you should include at least one more game to give partygoers options when the other is full. Some other popular outdoor games include:

  • Corn hole
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Giant Jenga
  • Tug of war
  • Any game involving a ball

4. Food and Drink

To host the perfect garden party, you need to display your food in an aesthetically pleasing way. Appetizers should include various fruits, cheeses, crackers, and meat arranged on trays. Then, get some flat skewers to barbeque meat and vegetable kabobs. A great way to serve your food is on a buffet-style table with a decorative tablecloth to match your theme. As for beverages, you could have multiple drink dispensers with homemade fruit juices, soda, cocktails, and water to keep your guests hydrated in the heat.

5. Prioritize Comfort

The comfort of your guests should be a top priority. You’ll need to invest in things like tables for them to set their food, comfortable chairs, and protection from the elements. For instance, you should have handy bug-repelling tools, sunscreen, and shady places for those who can’t handle prolonged sun exposure. Additionally, give your guests the option to sit inside if the day starts to get uncomfortably hot.

6. Accommodating Children

If you’re hosting a kid-friendly party, you should provide plenty of activities to keep them busy and out of their parents’ hair. You don’t have to get anything too expensive either. Simple toys like chalk, balls, a jump rope, and even water toys can be enough to occupy them the entire time.

In addition, kids tend to be picky eaters. So you should have a few dishes they will be willing to eat. For example, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and potatoes are sure to catch their eye.

7. Other Entertainment

You don’t have to stop at games to entertain your guests. Instead, get a few speakers and play music to provide background noise. However, if you want to take things to the next level, hire a cover band to play at your party.

In addition, an outdoor movie theater could be a great way to end the night. Get an inflatable screen, a projector, and comfortable seating. As for choosing a movie, a good rule of thumb is to pick something under an hour and a half long. People will be tired after being outside all day playing games, and if the movie is too long, they will get annoyed or fall asleep.

8. Set up a Bar

An open bar is an excellent way to complete your setup. You don’t have to go all out, either. Get a table, some alcohol, and drinks to mix. Then, hire a bartender for the day or make it self-serve. However, you should keep the alcohol separate from the other beverages, especially if kids will be attending.


It’s the time of the year to host a garden party, and you should go all-out if you want to make it memorable. First, ensure your guests are comfortable, have enough food and drinks, and have plenty of entertainment to keep them busy. From there, all you need is the right company to have a good time.

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