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6 Best Ways to Enjoy Alone Time at Home

by Louise W. Rice

Self-care is one of the buzzwords these days as mental health takes center stage. The concept is important because we need to take our well-being seriously. With so much stress coming in from various sources, we need to take a step back, relax and destress now and then if we want to be as healthy as possible.

Medical practitioners point out that if you’re experiencing too much stress, your body recognizes it and releases hormones to keep you afloat. However, the body can only do so much, so there will be times when your body will fail, and viruses can cause an illness.

If you wish to relax and destress, you need to find some alone time to help you find your center and balance yourself once again. It doesn’t need to be an expensive day out at the spa as you can spend such time at home. Here are simple ways to enjoy some much-needed alone time.

1. Practice deep breathing exercises

One of the best ways to destress is to practice deep breathing exercises. Find a safe and comfortable place and sit. You can close your eyes and visualize that you’re somewhere else. Then, try to control your breathing to feel as attuned to your body as possible. Let your body relax as you breathe deeply for a few minutes. You can even play soothing music that can help take you to a different place.

2. Take a long bath

Another great option to enjoy alone time is by taking a long bath. You can bring your music player in a safe place near the shower cabin, and you can take as much time as possible to enjoy the feeling of water enveloping your body. Lather and exfoliate to your satisfaction. Visualize the water taking the stress away, and you will feel much better afterward.

3. Read a good book

Nothing relaxes the body and mind than snuggling up with a good book. Find a book that interests you, and find a comfortable spot on the bed or sofa and read away. Let yourself be taken in by the book and when the time comes, let yourself drift away as you doze off. After the much-needed slumber, you’ll wake up relaxed and energized.

4. Exercise

Some people find exercising pretty relaxing. The routines, counting the number of reps, the movements, and the music help people find their center. If you like running, take to the treadmill or take some laps around your house. Running, as a form of exercise will help you build strong bones and improve your cardiovascular health. You can buy a treadmill online, easily build your routine and stick with it. Physical exertion will help release hormones that will lead you to relax, helping you sleep better afterward.

5. Put on comfortable clothing

Nothing beats the feeling of your favorite shirt on your skin. It evokes memories and will also help you feel much better about yourself. Relaxation begins with feeling good about what you’re wearing, and everything else will follow.

6. Listen to music

Don’t pump loud music. Put on some soothing records and let the melody take your stress away.


Everyone needs some alone time now and then. Self-care is critical if you want to be healthy and ready to face the world.

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