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5 Ways to Style a Gray Sofa

by Louise W. Rice

Many of us might think gray sofas are dull and cannot be paired with anything else. Well, that is not true at all! Gray color has the most significant potential to be paired with any furniture present in your home place. If you own a gray sofa too and wish to give it a classy look, this blog is for you! We have mentioned 5 unique ways to style your gray sofa. You might want to own your very own gray sofa by the end of the blog if you don’t have one. In that case, do not forget to check out the gray sofa cover here. Now, let’s dive in and explore these ways.

1. Choose Colors that Go with a Gray Sofa

Gray is such a color that complements every other color. It gives you surplus options of combinations. Depending upon the shade and hue of your gray sofa, you can choose from several accessories, wall paints, and furniture for your room. Warm colors accompany the gray sofa a lot. Hence, colors like mustard yellow, gold, or blush pink can be used to style your gray sofa. You can place cushions in these colors on your gray sofa. Other colors like turquoise, navy blue, hunter green, and teal also made a great combo with a gray sofa. Check them out too!

2. Coffee Table

The type of table to place with your gray sofa is another important thing. Keeping in view the shape and size of your gray sofa, you can select the type of table from a range of options. It is recommended to place a little curved coffee table in front of your square-shaped gray sofa. In case you have a little space, go for coffee tables with a glass top.

3. Art

Who doesn’t like decorating rooms? The selection of accessories to complement the room furniture is an exciting yet tricky task, especially if dealing with a gray sofa. You need to be extra vigilant in choosing the best-suited accessories with your gray sofa.

For instance, if the room has a gray sofa painted in white, you can place one-seater sofas in bright colors such as pink or blue and put thoroughly selected accessories on them. This refines the theme of the room and decors the place at the same time. You can also go for some black-colored accessories to maintain equilibrium with the sweetness of pink. For example, black cushions or cover blankets (in winters).

4. Lighting

The lighting of a room plays a very significant role in creating the look of the room. It is important to highlight the gray sofa with at least one source of light in the room. You can put side lamps on both sides of the gray sofa, either standing lamps or table lamps, or you can hang a chandelier above the gray sofa to bring it in the limelight.

5. Opt for dark walls

Last but not least, prefer selecting a dark tone for the room’s walls where a gray sofa is present. It elevates the mood and gives a classy look paired with bright-colored furniture, accessories, and artwork. Such a theme would also help alter the perception of temperature in the room and the balance of overhead lighting to a great extent.

These were 5 ways to style your gray sofa. The best thing about having a gray sofa is the leverage to change the room’s theme as many times as you want to. So follow these strategies and style your gray sofa in a unique way!

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