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5 Signs You Need A New Mattress

by Louise W. Rice

The mattress that you sleep on plays an important role in determining your sleep’s overall quality and depth. Much has also been said about the significance of choosing the right type of mattress for you, and we won’t explain them again. Instead, we wanted to discuss another problem that many people stumble upon: how do I know if I need a new mattress?

Most of us have asked this question already, and we still don’t know about the real signs you need a new mattress. We wanted to solve this problem as much as possible, and we thought a comprehensive guide to mattress replacement would help you with that. In this guide, we have talked about how to understand if your mattress needs replacement soon. And we have listed 5 signs that will help you detect that.

#1 You Feel Uncomfortable

Your mattress is the place where you spend a considerable amount of time every single day. Even more so, a night of comfortable sleep can help you in leading a peaceful life. For instance, if you want to find your way with new life changes and experimentation, experts recommend that you start by reengineering your sleep patterns. Therefore, if your current mattress cannot offer you a comfortable sleeping position, it means it is the right time to upgrade your mattress game to something better.

We understand that ‘comfort’ is a broad term, which means different aspects to different people. Some need memory foam mattresses, while others go for a sturdy construction. Well, for me, I just need my favorite pillows with me to have a comfortable sleep. In either case, you should explore high-quality alternatives that offer a premium sleeping experience. Since most mattress stores give you an option to try the mattress before purchasing it, you have an increased chance of making a rightful purchase.

#2 Persistent Allergies

You have already made a mistake if you purchased a mattress without looking at the material for potential cases of allergies. However, if you think that not-so-wise decision did not even have a pinch of luck in it, you must think about getting a new mattress ASAP. Even though allergies to the material used to construct mattresses are expected, you cannot ignore them any day, especially if kids use the mattresses.

In this rather sensitive case, you have to follow two steps. First, you should talk with a health professional to understand which material is suitable for your kids. Second, you should explore your options in the mattress market so that you can choose the most comfortable and healthy one. Hypoallergenic materials like wool and latex are always some good options, but you can probably find some hybrid materials that can offer better comfort. If you ask us, we don’t recommend sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress just because they are the only option. Instead, we believe the additional research will reward you appropriately.

#3 Wear and Tear

Noticeable wear and tear on your current mattress mean it has served its time giving you enough nights of comfortable sleep. There are a few signs that will help you understand this sector, though. For instance, you should check if the mattress is sagging and cannot even support all your body parts. These sagging events may start slow and in low quantity but can take a toll on how well you sleep at night. Probably the biggest problem with wear and tear is that people ignore even the obvious signs in the first phase.

You should also note that sagging is not the only type of wear and tear issue among mattress choices. In fact, it is just one of the problems. For instance, if you are dealing with memory foam mattresses, you may think if memory foam mattresses wear out at all. As it happens, though, their inability to get back to the original shape denotes the intensive wear and tear issue and the dire need to replace the same as soon as possible.

#4 You Need Better Sleep

That you need better-quality sleep is a good enough reason to upgrade your mattress. You needn’t find any supporting argument for that. As your quality of life improves, the quality of sleep should also improve. And the first step of making this happen is getting a better mattress. For instance, suppose you are suffering from a severe issue like insomnia. In this particular case, your current mattress may offer you everyday comfort for sure. Nevertheless, before you try out options like CBD for sleep and insomnia, you should consider using a premium-quality mattress.

We don’t mean to say that a mattress upgrade could replace the real need for medication, but it’s one of the best supporting steps. In the end, you can only spend a certain amount on getting a bed. Finally, there is enough research to prove that using CBD against insomnia can offer better results when combined with a perfect mattress.

#5 The Mattress Is Old

You may have bought the mattress a few years back, thinking that this would last for a decade. While it may very well be true, you don’t have to wait until the mattress hits its expiry period. We must also consider that mattresses have changed a lot in the previous decade. There has been the rise of new technologies that can offer you more comfortable sleep without costing you a fortune. Similarly, you now have better options even when you narrow down to hypoallergenic material out there.

You may also have to consider how your sleep patterns and environments have changed over the years. And a new mattress may help you sort all those things very well. For example, if you are looking for the perfect mattress for your pregnant wife, you should know how to sort through the priorities.

Spotting these signs will help you upgrade your mattress at the right time and in a hassle-free manner. You should do some research when choosing the next product so that you don’t see all these signs anytime soon.

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