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Student-Friendly Traveling: 5 Sights to See in the US This Summer

by Louise W. Rice

The USA is a pretty cool country. From world-known places that became national symbols to stunning natural wonders that open up a whole new world – it seems impossible to visit all of them. 

So, where to start? In this article, we’ve collected the top five summer vacation spots. Picturesque destinations, authentic cities, and even theme parks – read on and choose what suits you best. 

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San Francisco

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is known for its cool weather. It’s exactly what you need, being tired of the summer heat. The air here is saturated with moisture, and fog often forms over the bay. We must admit that there is no such variety of beaches as in Los Angeles, but it doesn’t really matter. Why? Tourists mainly come here to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

San Francisco is popular for its cable cars and Victorian houses. Other attractions include Fisherman’s Wharf and the famous Pier 39, where you can see sea lions. Also, take a boat trip along the bay with a visit to the Alcatraz prison, which is located on an isolated island. Those who have more free time can go to San Francisco’s suburb Palo Alto and visit Google’s headquarters.

Interesting to know, American disco was born in this city. In the 1970s and 1980s, a new direction in dance music appeared in San Francisco’s clubs. This is not surprising since the local youth have always known a lot about great entertainment and dancing.

New Orleans

Home to jazz, New Orleans is unlike any other city in the United States. Its festive atmosphere is complemented by French grace, Creole, African American, Caribbean, Irish, Haitian, German, and Vietnamese cultures. All of this makes New Orleans more than just a city. 

Local architecture takes you to France or Spain: there are small multicolored houses, tall columns, and tropical plants flourishing on the terraces.

Apart from jazz, the main symbols of the city are ghosts, voodoo cult, and everything mystical. Hotels and guesthouses will be happy to tell you a couple of spooky stories about previous guests. You can find lots of voodoo dolls in any souvenir shop or meet a mysterious fortune-teller. All these attributes are especially loved by filmmakers who shot many TV series here (like American Horror Story: Coven, The Originals, and Scream Queens).

Another important part of urban culture is cemeteries. The oldest cemetery in New Orleans is St. Louis that dates back to the 18th century. It’s especially popular during the celebration of Mardi Gras, one of the most colorful carnivals in the world. By the way, the famous voodoo queen Marie Laveau is buried here.


Orlando is often referred to as East Hollywood due to the amount of cinema-related entertainment. 

First, go to Epcot, one of the most notable attractions. This theme park is the prototype of the society of the future, as the pavilions display the latest technologies of the 21st century.

Next, visit the local Disneyland to meet your favorite characters and enjoy numerous rides. Thanks to the genius Walt Disney, once empty territories of the city turned into a fantastic world of fairy tales and fantasies.

Then, visit Universal Orlando, the park of Steven Spielberg Studios, and find yourself in the film plots that are so incredibly familiar.

If you are interested in space, the Kennedy Space Center should be on your list of must-see places. Here, visitors can see how space crews are being trained.


With Hawaii’s volcanic landscapes, emerald valleys, and black sandy beaches, Maui is truly unforgettable. Of course, there are many resorts and hotels here, but Maui doesn’t lose its identity over time. On the contrary, it remains true to the scenic nature, Hawaiian culture, and the spirit of Aloha. Observing the sunrise from the top of the Haleakala volcano, even the most sophisticated travelers will feel like they are in heaven.

You should certainly spend some time on the shores of the busy Lahaina port. It used to be the center of the whaling industry, but today, it is a city with attractive art galleries, exotic restaurants, and unique shops.

Whether you’re a romantic soul or an adventure seeker traveling alone, Maui has it all. It’s perfect for those who adore huge cities but appreciate privacy as well. The activities are different: enjoy a massage in one of Maui’s resorts in the morning, head to the mountains for a hike in the afternoon, and end the day with delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

Zion National Park

Modern people are hard to surprise, but nature and views always manage to take our breath away. And this is absolutely true in the case of Zion National Park. It is a fantastic combination of deep gorges, sheer cliffs, and brown hills. 

Here, on a relatively small area of land, there are mountains, plains, steppes, and forests. A highlight of the park is an extremely long tunnel built to straighten the path to two of America’s other famous canyons: Bryce and Grand.

Thanks to the efforts of the authorities, the park has a well-developed infrastructure. There are tourist buses from the nearest town, Springdale. Keep in mind that the entire national park has a very decent size, so it will take more than one day to explore it fully.


It’s difficult to choose from such a variety of sights in the US. Still, think about what attracts you the most and fulfill your dreams this summer!

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