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4 Common Road Hazards & the Solutions

by Louise W. Rice

Roads are full to the brim with hazards that can increase the likelihood of an accident, from changing weather conditions to negligence.

The more you understand the potential dangers on the road, the more you can identify or prepare for them to keep yourself and others safe.

Avoid a potential collision by learning about the four common road hazards and the solutions available.

1. Icy Road Conditions

Every driver dreads the thought of journeying across icy road conditions. A slick patch can cause a driver to suddenly lose control of their vehicle, which may lead to a small or major collision.

While drivers can spot some ice on the road, it might be hard to notice black ice, which happens when the ice thaws and refreezes.

The Solution: If your car loses traction or skids on the ice, the safest thing to do is remove your foot off the vehicle’s accelerator. It will reduce the power from the wheels.

If your car, van, or truck has standard braking, take your foot off the brake.

However, if it has an automatic braking system, push down the pedal, waiting until the vehicle regains traction.

2. Driving in Heavy Rain

Torrential rain can impair visibility on the road, which increases the likelihood of a collision with another moving car, recovery vehicle, or an object.

Plus, it increases the risk of hydroplaning, which happens when the wheels come away from the pavement and land on the water surface, causing a driver to lose control of a vehicle.

The solution: Drivers can remain safe on the road during heavy rain by ensuring their tire depth isn’t less than 5/32 of an inch.

Also, they must change their wipers regularly to ensure they are in good working order.

Recovery and emergency vehicles can also improve safety for their team and other drivers by installing an LED light bar to maximize visibility in every weather condition.

3. Glare from the Sun

Glare from the sun can strike in all seasons, from summer to winter. If it shines through your windshield at the right angle, it can impede your vision behind the wheel.

The solution: Wearing sunglasses is an effective way to prevent glare from the sun when driving, but there are other ways to shield your sight.

For example, place the sun visor down, then push it toward the windshield, bringing it forward until it blocks the sun’s glare.

4. Reckless Drivers

The best drivers in the world can experience a collision on the road. Reckless driving is a real danger for many, as other motorists may:

  • Drive distracted (such as talking or texting)
  • Speed
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Ignore traffic signals and signs
  • Drive slower than traffic
  • Weave in and out of other moving cars
  • Follow cars too closely

The solution: It is impossible to predict other drivers’ behavior on the road.

If you believe someone is reckless driving, maintain a safe distance from their vehicle if possible.

Also, safely slow down your car and allow the reckless driver to pass. If a motorist is driving too slow, maneuver around their vehicle when possible and legal to do so.

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