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21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Children

by Louise W. Rice

The 21st birthday is always a big deal. For most youngsters, 21 years is the legal age for drinking, nightclubs, and smoking. It’s when youngsters can participate in those adult activities without breaking any laws or needing parents’ or guardians’ consent.  

It can also seem daunting because it means they’re not children anymore. They’re not fascinated with the toys they used to obsess over the years ago. But, all is not lost because you can still give your sons or daughters unique 21st birthday gifts that they’ll love and use.  

1. Wineglass With Engraved Greeting 

When your child just turned 21, how better else to celebrate than giving him a taste of your favorite wine? Present an engraved wineglass or goblet with a birthday greeting or his name. Have a drink together for just that day or night, bond over movies, or have dinner with the rest of the family while your son or daughter sips on his or her new wineglass. It’s a fun and creative way of saying, “Welcome to adulthood!”  

2. Giant Beanbag Chair 

Got an almost 21-year-old scouring for furniture for a soon-to-be-apartment? How about gifting him a comfy beanbag – a giant one! Beanbags serve as a relaxing chair or even as a day bed, depending on how big it is for your young adult. First apartments don’t need a lot of furniture, and a beanbag is easier to move around and change positions wherever they need it. There are many types, but the best beanbags are versatile and affordable. Beanbags put the fun in functional! 

3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

Got a college student turning 21? A breakfast sandwich maker allows your hungry dormer to prepare breakfast in only five minutes. There are machines with removable sections that make it easy to clean as well. You can also gift this as a going-away present to your son or daughter who just found an apartment. 

4. Personalized Birthday Chocolate Message 

Greeting cards are good and all, but you store them away, taking up space. But, you can give an edible one, though, in the form of chocolate. You can choose the available message, with each letter printed on a piece of chocolate. It’s a perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth. You can inquire at candy shops if they’re available.  

5. LED Party Bulb

21st birthday gift ideas for your children

For the party-goer who has to stay at home during the pandemic, give your celebrant party lights that he or she can attach to a desk lamp. These colorful lights are going to brighten up a room, even if they party on their own or hold virtual parties with friends instead. You can incorporate such lighting in teens’ rooms. They will love the vibrant colors that will complement the rest of the decorations. 

6. Wit & Wisdom Of Tyrion Lannister By George R.R. Martin 

For the Game of Thrones fanatic or just a Tyrion Lannister stan, George R.R. Martin penned a collection of the youngest Lannister’s witty one-liners. With stunning story-book like illustrations that complement the dark humor within, it’s a book that your GOT-lover will love to have on the coffee table or shelf.  

7. Barware Kits 

For the guy or girl who likes to entertain people, a barware kit will come in handy. The set includes a barman’s professional tools such as a cocktail shaker, strainers, mixers, and more – all in shiny stainless steel. Now, your kids can mix drinks that they’ve always wanted to try, but at home where it’s safer. They can even use it when throwing a virtual party.  

In Conclusion 

A 21st birthday doesn’t have to be so grand, given that the pandemic has made it almost impossible to be so. What’s important is to let your loved ones know that they’re remembered on their special day. Gifts that are fun and functional are not hard to find as they are everywhere online. You only need to know your kids to find the gift that he or she will appreciate.

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