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10 DIY Mother’s Day Home Decor Ideas

by Louise W. Rice

Mothers are the heartbeat of the home. Without them, the house just can’t function even a single day. They are the glue, while you can’t always see them, they are the ones who hold everything together.

Although the mothers deserve to be pampered all throughout the year irrespective of the day or occasion, Mother’s Day comes as a great excuse both for the young as well as the adult generation to make their mothers feel extra special and shower them with the love they actually deserve.

Remember all the extravagant parties she used to throw while you were a kid and how she spent the entire day running on her toes to meet all the preparations?

Don’t ever think of repaying all those favors by gifting her a ready-made cake or a spa-gift card. She deserves a lot more than that.

While we can’t ever repay her for all that she has been doing, this Mother’s day, let us ditch all that readymade, feeling-less gifts and pour the love and creativity into these simple yet special DIY ideas to decorate the home to the nines.

1.   Balloon Decoration

Young or old, balloons are the one thing that never fails to make us happy. And our mothers are no exception to that. Use colorful balloons to create an arch or if you have Helium ones, decorate the ceiling using them.

You can purchase an inexpensive balloon filler or balloon pump to save both your time and precious breath. These balloons will add to the room’s decoration and create a perfect backdrop for your Instagram pictures!

Outperform yourself by creating a Mom or Mother typography using the balloons.

2.   Custom canvas prints

Custom canvas prints

You must have often seen your mother looking at the photo albums of your childhood days or family occasions. Recreate those special photos, frame them, and hang them on the wall to surprise your Mum.

You can also easily order canvas prints online by CanvasPop. You can just print the best picture of your mum or create a collage of your mother’s favorite recollections. You can also create a gallery wall of all the rememberings.

Sit down with some snacks and drinks and relive those special memories with her. Trust me, there is nothing she wants more than you to spend her time with her. She will forever cherish these memories.

3.   Flowers in bottles

Collect some fresh and colorful flowers of your mother’s choice and arrange them into glass jars or bottles. Tie four to five bottles together using a string or a ribbon and place them as a centerpiece on the dining table. It will enhance the look of the table.

4.   Brunch Table Decor

Starting Mother’s Day with a brunch on a beautifully decorated table will make her day extra special. If you can take it further with your woodworking skills, you can even build your own table top to customize it according to the texture and aesthetic that your mom likes.

Use your baking skills to prepare some colorful and delicious cupcakes. Prepare some handwritten notes on multicolored sticky notes and pin them on the cupcakes using the toothpicks.

You can also make a bouquet of cupcakes. Your mother will be impressed at first and then shocked to know that the bouquet is entirely edible.

5.   Wall Art

The Walls are the best canvas for decoration. Purchase or create stickers, murals, or decals that contain special messages or quotes for your mother. Paste the best mom’s banners on the walls.

If you have an artistic bone in your body, paint a portrait of hers or simply draw an animated picture like you used to do in your childhood days. Show her that you haven’t changed. It will make your mum happy and nostalgic and send her down memory lane.

6.   Customized Dish Towel

Kitchens are undoubtedly a place where your mother spends most of her time. So adding customized, funny and gratitude-filled messages to the dishtowels, she will be using would make her laugh and cry simultaneously.

You can use a fabric color to add quotes or funny messages on the towels.

7.   Paper Flowers

If you can’t arrange fresh, live flowers, Don’t worry! Use up your creativity and create flowers using colorful Crepe papers or even tissue papers.

Create colorful designs or simply cut the paper into fringes. You can also make paper garlands from that, or skillfully twist, fold them into patterns and hang them wherever you want.

8.   Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles are something that not only uplifts the decor of the house but also adds certain warmth and calmness to the room.

Put some candles into glass jars and decorate the jar using glass or acrylic paint and ribbons. Your mother will definitely be overwhelmed after seeing your efforts specially done for her.

9.   Paper Lanterns

No matter how many readymade fairy lights you use, they can’t replace the jovial and ethereal effect of handmade paper lanterns.

Emphasize the effect by placing soft, low-wattage light bulbs inside the lanterns. Hang them wherever you want, in the living room or above the dining table.

10. Cushions and Throw pillows

You must be watching and being exhausted just by looking at your mother’s exertions to keep the house in proper shape.

You can reduce her burden as well as decorate the living room for Mother’s Day at the same time. Use colorful cushions and throw pillows on the sofa.

Make sure that the cushion covers have special Mother’s Day messages.

Make sure that any nook or corner of your home doesn’t fail to surprise your mother, this Mother’s Day.

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